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Berkeley Landmarks designated in 2019

Ormsby Donogh files, BAHA archives

Las Casitas Apartments
William Alexander Doctor (1927–1928)
1619 Walnut Street
Structure of Merit
Designated: 6 June 2019

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This Spanish Eclectic apartment building was an investment property built by William Irving Rush (1861–1946), a Pennsylvania-born contractor and real-estate dealer. The architect, William A. Doctor (1871–1949), a Canadian immigrant, had already designed for Rush a very similar apartment building, called Sunny Gables (1925), at 1631–1633 Walnut Street.

The distinguishing features of Las Casitas Apartments include a flat roof with parapet walls, narrow tile-covered shed roofs with regularly laid tapered Mission-style tile, asymmetrical façade, textured stucco walls, stained-glass windows, decorative window grills, decorative iron sconces and door knockers, and arcaded walkways.

The landmark application and associated reports are accessible online.


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