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Preservation Discourse

BAHA’s letter to the City Council
regarding the Payson House appeal

Letter to the Berkeley City Council regarding
its contemplated move out of Old City Hall

Save the Berkeley Post Office

BAHA’s letter to the USPS

Sequoia Apartments (photo: Steven Finacom)

BAHA’s letter to the owners of the
Sequoia Apartments building, 2441 Haste Street

Adult reading room, South Berkeley Branch Library

Public Library Demolitions

Historic Branch Libraries Could Be Saved

Public Process led to new designs for the South and West Branch Libraries

BAHA’s letter re: alternative designs

BAHA’s comments on Branch Libraries Program DEIR

BAHA’s EIR scope comments on South Berkeley Branch Library

“Sierra Club” Yes on R mailer
financed by Sam Zell

City Council candidates
respond to BAHA’s questions

Downtown Berkeley

Measure R — Claims vs. Facts

Analysis by John English

2707 Rose Street:
BAHA’s letter to Berkeley City Council

Berkeley Iceland (courtesy of

Berkeley Iceland nominated to the National Register

LPC letter to City Council re: Berkeley Iceland

Mobilized Women of Berkeley Bldg., 1007 University Ave. (photo: Susan Cerny)

Bernard Maybeck and Berkeley’s Concrete Grid-Form Wall Panels

Landmarks Preservation Ordinance:
Taking Stock of 34 Years

Standing up for our LPO
This November, the most important
preservation challenge
we’ve ever faced.

Richard Moe
President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Sustainable Stewardship:
Historic Preservation’s Essential Role
in Fighting Climate Change

Grizzly Peak seen from Strawberry Canyon, c. 1905

BAHA’s comments on the
LBNL Helios project
DEIR, 1 February 2008

BAHA’s comments on the
DEIR, 23 March 2007

Photo: Jakob Schiller, Berkeley Daily Planet

Old Berkeley High School Gym
and Warm Water Pool

Berkeley High School Historic District
listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 9 November 2007

BHS Gym designated a City of Berkeley Landmark

New Life for Berkeley High’s Original Gym

A Precious Asset Slated for the Wrecking Ball

An Irreplaceable Community Resource in Jeopardy

CEQA Challenge to BUSD’s
Berkeley High School South of Bancroft Master Plan

BAHA Letter to
Berkeley Unified School District

City of Berkeley Letter to
Berkeley Unified School District

2747 San Pablo Avenue (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

Roadside Architecture Worth Preserving

Memorial Stadium between College Avenue and Panoramic Hill
(postcard from the Anthony Bruce collection)

BAHA’s comments on U.C.’splan to cut
overarching tree branches along Piedmont Avenue
20 November 2007

BAHA’s comments on the
Southeast Campus Integrated Projects
DEIR, 7 July 2006

BAHA’s comments on the
Southeast Campus Integrated Projects
Initial Study, 14 December 2005

Coalition of Affected Parties’ comments on the
Southeast Campus Integrated Projects
Initial Study

City of Berkeley’s comments on the
Southeast Campus Integrated Projects
Initial Study

Whither Cal Memorial Stadium?

Sierra Club Pioneers Lived Near Pre-Stadium Strawberry Canyon

Views of Memorial Stadium from Panoramic Hill

Blighted campus neighborhoods:
Stadium project’s potential effect spreads far and wide

On the dangers of upgrading a Beaux-Arts coliseum
in a sylvan setting with no parking

Strawberry Canyon, “a mountain gorge”

Amelia Sanborn Allen on Strawberry Canyon

LPO Initiative & Referendum

Measure LL Landmarks Referendum
22 July 2008

BAHA’s letter to the City Council
18 July 2006

Attorney Susan Brandt-Hawley’s letter to the City Council
11 July 2006

The Mayor’s LPO revisions,
Zoning Ordinance amendments,
and recommendation to the City Council
26 June 2006

John English’s critique of
the Mayor’s Compromise Landmarks Ordinance
20 June 2006

Proposal for Assessment of Historical Significance
by Sharon Hudson, Alan Tobey, John English, and John McBride
26 June 2006

Assessment of Historical Significance and CEQA
by Laurie Bright
22 June 2006

BAHA’s letter to the LPC
25 May 2006

What’s wrong with the City Staff’s New LPO
By Laurie Bright

16 May 2006

Staff issues worrisome new draft of landmarks amendments
By John English

15 May 2006

LPO Update initiative
7 May 2006

LPO revisions proposed by City Staff
1 May 2006

BAHA’s letter to the Mayor & City Council
7 March 2006

Mayor’s final recommendations on
the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance

3 March 2006

Presentation by the
Landmarks Preservation Commission

Historic buildings make city unique
By Jane Powell

What Berkeley can learn from Riverside
By Daniella Thompson

Northside Neighborhood Association letter

Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association letter

Panoramic Hill Association letter

Bates v. Neighborhoods
By Roger Marquis

SHPO comments on LPO revisions

Read letters of 1 July 2004 & 12 July 2005 (pdf, 300 K).

Letters to the City Council re: LPO revisions

BAHA’s letter
Letter from Susan Cerny
Letter from Daniella Thompson

LPC rejects LPO revisions

Download the text of the motion (MS Word, 44 K).

Letters from attorney Susan Brandt-Hawley
re: proposed amendments to the
Landmarks Preservation Ordinance

To the City Council:

12 July 2005

To the Landmarks Preservation Commission:

27 June 2005

To the Planning Commission:

27 April 2005


11 May 2005

Historical Preservation: It Takes a Community
by Sharon Hudson

The LPO and CEQA: The Hidden Agenda
by Sharon Hudson

Revising landmark law
LPC recommendations now
before the Planning Commission

by John English

Canary in the Coal Mine:
Berkeley’s Landmarks Ordinance

by Zelda Bronstein for the Berkeley Daily Planet

Around the Ed Roberts Campus
Ashby Station: A classic American streetcar suburb
Historic buildings in Ashby Station

Kenney cottage needs a home!

Observatory Hill at risk
(a photo tour)

Campus planning schizophrenia

Memorial Stadium—controversial from the start

Give the Blood house a transfusion

Yes, the Blood house is a rare survivor in its neighborhood

A preservation alternative
for the Blood house

Comments to the Mayor’s Task Force
on Permitting and Development


This is journalism?
Response to “The Scarlet Letter: L
(a demolition-happy diatribe over the Blood house,
East Bay Express, 31 March 2004)

Responses to
Berkeley’s Hysterical Landmarks
(East Bay Express, 17 September 2003)

The “wall”:
Hillside Club Street Improvements

The “parking lot”:
West Berkeley Shellmound

The “hazard”:
Hunrick Grocery

The “Judaism threat”:
Napoleon Byrne Site

More letters

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