Berkeley Landmarks :: Daley’s Scenic Park Aerials

Hillside Club Street Improvements

An aerial view of Daley’s Scenic Park

The photo below offers a bird’s-eye view of the Hillside Club Street Improvements in the Daley’s Scenic Park Tract (City of Berkeley Landmark No. 75). Note the curved planted median strip on Le Conte Ave. and the planted median walls running along Virginia St. and La Loma Ave., the latter curving into Hilgard Ave.


  In this detail, the 2600 block of Le Conte Avenue (vertical) is on the right, Virginia Street (vert.) on the left, and the 1700 block of La Loma Avenue intersects them at the top. The large brown roof on the corner of Le Conte and La Loma Avenues crowns the Hatfield house (Julia Morgan, 1908). Just below it is the dark-gray roof of the Bentley house (A.H. Broad, 1900) and the dark-brown roof of the Kluegel house (John Hudson Thomas, 1911). The light brown-roofed house surrounded by trees in the triple lot on the corner of Virginia Street and La Loma Avenue is the Burtt Davy-Bolton house (see photos of the houses).

Note: These aerial photos are part of the collection of 1994 UCB campus photography prepared for the Physical Plant—Campus Services by Hammon/Jensen/Wallen & Associates, from an aerial survey flown by Pacific Aerial Surveys of Oakland, California.



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