The Tapes of Russell Street

Part 6. Photo album: the Tapes at leisure

Daniella Thompson

21 August 2004

“On our porch at Camp Meeker” circa 1904–1906. Robert L. Park (Emily’s husband, in tie), Gertrude Tape (reading), Joseph Tape, Emily Tape Park, and Frank T. Park.
The Reporter, 19 July 1904
(scan courtesy of Jerry Sulliger)

“The family at the ranch on a Sunday” in Hayward. Joseph is third from left, Mary is seated. Emily stands fifth from right, wearing an open jacket. To her right are Florence & Edward Park and Gertrude Tape Chan. The girls are Florence & Ed’s daughters, Winnie and Bernice. Ed was Robert Park’s brother.

“Near Cypress Point, Pacific Grove.” From left: Florence, Winnie, and Edward Park, Gertrude Tape Chan, Bernice Park, Mary and Joseph Tape, Daisy Lee, and two unknowns.

“On the beach at Pacific Grove.” From left: Bernice Park, Gertrude Tape Chan, Winnie Park, and Florence Park.

Joseph, Mary, and Gertrude at Los Angeles Ostrich Farm, 1923. Realphoto postcard.

“Taken at Marsh Creek, May 1, 1923. Fisherman luck a net—hungry gut”
Mary is looking out from the back seat of the car, possibly to avoid the smoke.

An excursion to the Sunol Water Temple, 1917. Gertrude and Emily are seated on the top step.

“Dad and his dogs.” Joseph Tape on a bird shoot.
Frank Tape (center, in dark shirt & suspenders), his wife Ruby (right), and friends on a bird shoot. Location unknown.

Above and below: Florence and Edward Park with their daughters Winnie and Bernice in Yosemite.


All the photographs on this page were scanned from the Tape family photo albums, which were generously made available by Jack Kim.

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