Homes and Gardens in Thousand Oaks

Sunday, 6 May 2007, One to Five o’clock

A photo album: part 6

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

3:12 pm: On deck among the rocks

3:01 pm: Therese Pipe

3:13 pm: Susan Schwartz

3:16 pm: Members of the Berkeley Jazz Workshop Sextet

3:17 pm: Pauline Kuykendall

3:20 pm: Sharon Entwistle

3:22 pm: Cathy Roha

3:24 pm: Greta Olsen

3:26 pm: Getting ready...

3:26 pm: to climb Visalia Steps

3:35 pm: A John Hudson Thomas roof

3:41 pm: Resting on Thousand Oaks Blvd.

3:44 pm

Part 7

“Among the Rocks” Tour

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