Homes and Gardens in Thousand Oaks

Sunday, 6 May 2007, One to Five o’clock

A photo album: part 8

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

4:11 pm: Nothing like lemonade in the shade

4:28 pm: Joe Cerny

4:21 pm: Lynne Davis

4:30 pm: Another tree-rock symbiosis

4:31 pm: Donna Hemilla

4:36 pm: Cultivated wilderness

4:36 pm: Two former BAHA presidents: Henrik Bull & Michael Muscardini

4:37 pm: Anthony Bruce gazes with approval on one of his favorite gardens.

4:38 pm: Gary Goss & Anthony Bruce

4:43 pm: An oasis on a scorching day—the lemonade table

4:44 pm: Jacque Ensign (r) & a path-wandering friend

Part 9

“Among the Rocks” Tour

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