Homes and Gardens in Thousand Oaks

Sunday, 6 May 2007, One to Five o’clock

A photo album: part 9

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

4:45 pm: Carrie Olson

4:45 pm: Susan Cerny

4:46 pm: Berkeley Historical Society co-presidents AnaLuisa Coplan & John Aronovici

4:57 pm: Another world

4:58 pm: Former BAHA president Chris Adams

5:08 pm: A modest greeter

4:59 pm: Diane Tokugawa

5:00 pm: Alan Gould

5:04 pm: Courtney Clarkson & Roy Leggitt

5:07 pm: Lesley Emmington, Richard Schwartz, Stephanie Manning & Trish Hawthorne

5:08 pm: Richard Schwartz

Part 10

“Among the Rocks” Tour

Photo Gallery

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