Holiday Open House 2009

The McCreary-Greer House parlor (photo: Susan Cerny)

On Thursday, 10 December 2009, about a hundred BAHA members made their appearance at McCreary-Greer House to celebrate the holidays and get a first glimpse at BAHA’s latest publication, 41 Berkeley Walking Tours.

The entrance hall (photo: Susan Cerny)

The bookstore (photo: Susan Cerny)

Charlotte Rae, Lynne Davis, and Sarah Wikander, reception volunteers
(photo: Susan Cerny)

Deck the halls (photo: Susan Cerny)

Anthony Bruce & Susan Cerny (photo: Steven Finacom)

Photo: Susan Cerny

Several of the contributors to 41 Berkeley Walking Tours were on hand to sign copies for holiday shoppers. The first printing sold in a hurry and was virtually gone before the month was out.

Stuart Berg and Juliet Carr (photo: Steven Finacom)

Photo: Steven Finacom

Photo: Steven Finacom

Charlotte Rae & Susan Cerny, the event’s organizer (photo courtesy of Susan Cerny)

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