Garden Party to Benefit the
McCreary-Greer House Maintenance Fund

Photos by Daniella Thompson

McCreary-Greer House is badly in need of repairs and maintenance. In addition, the BAHA Board of Directors is committed to making our headquarters more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Phase 1 of our plan calls for repaving the driveway and rebuilding the back porch. Phase 2 will include installing a lift and creating a wider entry door from the back porch. This door will replace the south window. We consider the changes minimal and believe that will not compromise the historic character of the house.

While BAHA currently has funds for Phase 1 of the project, we are fundraising for Phase 2. We launched our fundraising campaign on Sunday, 3 October 2010, with a garden party and barbecue whose proceeds are earmarked for the McCreary-Greer House Maintenance Fund.

BAHA Vice-President James Grandison acted as executive chef, producing a feast for the eyes and the palate.

James Grandison in action

BAHA board member and architect Shawn Smith outlined our plans for upgrades to the party guests.

Shawn Smith presenting the plans

One of the guests was Carl Bunch, a co-author of the Berkeley Landmarks Preservation Ordinance.

Carl Bunch

The Berkeley Daily Planet’s publisher and editor, Mike and Becky O’Malley

l to r: David Snippen, Arlene Silk, Patrick Pasture, John McBride & Joe Cerny

Lynda & J. Pearce Hurley talk to Shawn Smith about our planned upgrades.

l to r: Marge Caldwell, Susan Cerny & Bill Jolliffe

The chef supervised by his son, Jacob

James Grandison Sr. & Jacob

Marge Caldwell & John McBride

l to r: John McBride, Susan Cerny, James Grandison, Joe Cerny, Jacob Grandison

Shawn Smith & Tasha Mullen

l to r: Joe Cerny, Carl Bunch, Marge Caldwell, David Snippen, Patrick Pasture, Bill Jolliffe

center rear: Rob & Catherine Schmidt

Jerry Cooper & Carol Bier

Bill Jolliffe

foreground: Maya & Sharon Oded, Patrick Pasture

Bill Jetton & Jim Williams

foreground clockwise from left: Rob & Catherine Schmidt, Carl Bunch & Marge Caldwell, Lynda & J. Pearce Hurley, Anthony Bruce; behind: John English & Patrick Pasture

Sally Sachs, Arlene Silk, Mike & Becky O’Malley

Joe Cerny, Mara Melandry, Susan Fadley, Susan Cerny, Mike & Becky O’Malley

Mara Melandry, Susan Fadley & Susan Cerny

Carol Bier & Patrick Pasture; behind: Arlene Silk, Sally Sachs & Mike O’Malley

Photo Gallery

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