Sunday, 6 May 2018, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Gallery: Part 1

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

The Daniel House, in front of which the ticket table was located.

Anthony, Stephanie, Betty & Kat are ready for action.

Early birds at the ticket table

A secret garden awaits.

Boning up in front of the McDermont House

Anandamayi Arnold

Volunteer Hellen Quan

A pop-up teashop was made available by the current owners of the Philibosian House.

Keith Miller & Jacqueline Beth

Keith Miller photobombing

Lisa Bruce & Julian Hodges

A rose-embowered greenhouse

Tourgoers on the 600 block of Woodmont Avenue

Architect Jerri Holan (r) and friend

On the 500 block of Woodmont Avenue

Part 2

Berkeley Woods

Photo Gallery

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