Sunday, 6 May 2018, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Gallery: Part 4

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

It was a day for hats.

On the 600 block of Woodmont Avenue

Teresa McGuire (2nd l) & friends

Bill Mayer & Jane McKinne-Mayer

The Crandall House & front garden

House Captain Tasha Isolani

Tour photographer Daniella Thompson (photo: Tasha Isolani)

On the Crandall House deck (photo: Tasha Isolani)

Anna Urrea (r) & friend

Volunteer Tatiana Jellinek

Lynne Davis

Volunteer Karen Jacobs at the Duncan House

Volunteer Fran Cappelletti

We saw some colorful attire.

House Captain Yvonne McCredie

Volunteer Tom Beil

The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association’s customary tour booth

Part 5

Berkeley Woods

Photo Gallery

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