Sunday, 6 May 2018, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Gallery: Part 5

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

The view from the top of Woodmont Avenue

Councilmember Sophie Hahn & friend

Robert Kehlmann & Carl Wikander

Mario Corbett’s Plainfield House is said to be shaped like a key.

The Carbone nursery is gone, but orchids are still grown in Berkeley Woods.

Katy Web, Wendy Markel & Julie Nachtwey on Marin Avenue (courtesy of Julie Nachtwey)

The Dobbins House, Zaytuna Collega

The book table in the garden of the Dobbins House

Lucy Matzger & Pat Adler at the garden reception (courtesy of Julie Nachtwey)

Tourgoers rest in the garden of the Dobbins House.

Bay view from the Dobbins House tower

Part 6

Berkeley Woods

Photo Gallery

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