Sunday, 3 May 2015, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Gallery: Part 1

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

Bouquets being delivered to the tour houses by Zuzu’s Petals (photo: Anthony Bruce)

The ticket table opens: (l to r) Arlene Silk, Anthony Bruce, Stephanie Manning, Carrie Olson & Betty Marvin

Stephanie Manning & John Underhill (photo: Anthony Bruce)

Austene Hall setting up strawberry baskets at the reception table

The reception garden awaiting tour goers

Phyllis and Phil Gale, ticket monitors for the afternoon

Tour goers entering the Stone-McCullough House (photo: Sarah Rohrs)

A quiet garden corner

At every turn, tour goers were reading their guidebooks.

One of the kitchens on view

Madeline Jay thoroughly researched the history of her house and neighborhood.

Yvonne McCredie, house captain

Part 2

Elmwood Park Tour

Photo Gallery

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