Sunday, 3 May 2015, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Gallery: Part 7

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

Tom Beil

Paul Grunland, John Aronovici, Burl Willes & Anthony Bruce

Roberta Horton & Mary Mashuta

A Julia Morgan–designed fireplace with a recently installed c. 1912 Rookwood tile
surround featuring c. 1915 Gruebe accent tiles

Zuzu’s Petals bouquets are a BAHA House Tour tradition. (photo: Robert Cassidy)

Bill Jetton & Jim Williams

The King House, designed by Maury I. Diggs in 1914

Jane McKinne-Mayer & friend

Austene Hall & Shannon Brown

Neysa Garett

Robert Cassidy

Photo: Sarah Rohrs

Part 8

Elmwood Park Tour

Photo Gallery

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