Panoramic Hill House Tour

Sunday, 1 May 2005, One to Five o’clock

A photo album: part 6

The O’Malleys espy a zen view from Mosswood Lane. (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

Anne Wagley, Bennett Markel, and BAHA president Wendy Markel (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

The book table: Susan Cerny, John McBride, and Carrie Olson. (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

The refreshments crew: Austene, Jeannie, and Edith (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

Volunteer czars: Sue Lyon and Susan Chase (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

Not pictured but much appreciated is Sarah Wikander. BAHA is deeply indebted to her for planning the volunteer operations and overseeing the 175 or so docents who helped on this tour.

The ticket booth at noon: Anthony, Lesley, Stephanie,
and Betty Marvin

Lesley and Stephanie, still on the job at 3 pm (photos: Daniella Thompson, 2005)

John Edginton & Stephanie Manning assist tour goers (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

Anthony Bruce explains color codes to Phil Gale while Phyllis Gale attends to business. (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

Janice Thomas resting on her laurels
(photo: Allen Stross, 2005)

The other photographer (photo: Allen Stross, 2005)
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