Panoramic Hill House Tour

Sunday, 1 May 2005, One to Five o’clock

The Tour Houses, II

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

No. 7: The Annie & Robert Baird House (Mabel Baird, 1919) garden only
Baird Garden Cottage

No. 8: The Mabel Baird House (Mabel Baird, 1922)

No. 9: The Mouser-Parsons House (John Hudson Thomas, 1910 alterations of 1888 house)
No. 11: The James & Amelia Allen House (Walter H. Ratcliff, 1911)

No. 10: Marion Randall Parsons House (Walter T. Steilberg, 1921)

No. 12: The Ernest Hersam House (owner-designed, 1915) garden only

No. 13: The Eleanor Gardner Cottage (William W. Wurster, 1941)

No. 14: The Alfred & Ella Parker House (Walter T. Steilberg, 1935)

No. 15: The John Weston Havens, Jr. House (Harwell Hamilton Harris,
1939–41) in a 1941 photograph by Man Ray (Getty Museum)

No. 15: The John Weston Havens, Jr. House seen from Arden Road. The house in the foreground is the Linden Naylor House (Harwell Hamilton Harris,

No. 16: The Willis Lynn Jepson House (Julia Morgan, 1925, 1930) garden only

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