The Residential Work of Walter H. Ratcliff, Jr.
in Claremont Park

Sunday, 7 May 2006, One to Five o’clock

A Photo Album: part 3

Lining up at the Hall-Fayť House, Hillcrest Court (photo: Allen Stross, 2006)

1:55 pm: The Fayť family—Olen, Marc, Marilyn, and Peter—came from Yolo County to see their “Gamma”’s house (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

2:06 pm: Allen Stross at the Berkeley Historical Society table (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

2:06 pm: Daniella Thompson (photo: Allen Stross, 2006)

2:08 pm: Joanna Dwyer (right) and friend on Hillcrest Road (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

2:25 pm: Volunteer coordinator Lynn Crosby (in green) checks out the booties at the Smith House garden. (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

2:27 pm: Boning up in line for the Armstrong House (photos: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

2:29 pm: Mara Melandry (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2006)

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