Rose ’n Arch Centennial Celebration

Photos by Daniella Thompson

On Sunday, 13 November 2005, a hundred or so BAHA members converged upon the Wallace-Sauer House, aka “Rose ’n Arch,” for its 100th birthday party.

The house was designed by Bernard Maybeck’s brother-in-law John White, a Berkeley resident who is best known for the Le Conte Memorial Lodge (1904), a National Historic Landmark in Yosemite Valley, and for the Hillside Club (1924), replacing the Maybeck original that burned in the Berkeley Fire. White was a prolific architect who, in partnership with George Howard, built many large residences in Marin and the Peninsula.

For a long time, this house was the residence of famed geographer Carl Ortwin Sauer. Sauer’s daughter, Elizabeth FitzSimmons, and several of her daughters were present at the event.

Anthony Bruce and Arlene Silk, ready to greet the guests.

Early arrivals.

The beaming host, Horst Bansner.

Mary Mashuta (left) and Fred & Judy Porta.

Horst Bansner, Lesley Emmington, Richard Schwartz, Bradley Wiedmaier, Lisa Bruce, and Anthony Bruce.

Wendy Markel and Janice Thomas practicing “Happy Birthday to You.”

BAHA president Wendy Markel introduces the speakers.

Professor Emeritus Howard Mel gets laughs while recounting the history of the neighborhood.

Berkeley historian Richard Schwartz describes daily life in 1905.

Horst Bansner summarizes John White’s life and career.

Margaret Fitzsimmons, Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, Howard and Nancy Mel.

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