South Berkeley Community Church lecture

Photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004

On Wednesday, 19 October 2005, BAHA sponsored a John Beach Memorial Lecture at the Mission-style South Berkeley Community Church. Originally Park Congregational Church, the 1912 building was designed by Hugo W. Storch and is City of Berkeley Landmark No. 13. The church is in need of restoration, and the evening kicked off the capital restoration campaign.

Susan Dinkelspiel Cerny spoke about the early architecture of South Berkeley, Bradley Wiedmaier detailed the life and work of church architect Hugo Storch, and members of the congregation reminisced about the history of Berkeley’s first interracial church from its founding in 1943 until the present.

SBCC charter member the Honorable Maudelle Shirek was present, as was Dr. Ruth Nichols, widow of Bishop Roy Nichols, one of the church’s first two pastors. Dr. Nichols spoke eloquently about the congregation’s early days.

Courtesy of SBCC

Early arrivals savored the opportunity to admire the church interior. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

The Hon. Maudelle Shirek, Rev. Gayle Dickson (in hat), and members of the church choir. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Dr. Ruth Nichols with Landmarks Preservation Commissioner Fran Packard and BAHA’s Executive Director Anthony Bruce. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

The soaring rafters drew the attention of architecture experts. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Robert Judson Clark photographs the ceiling. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Susan Cerny watches Robert Judson Clark in action. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

The Hon. Maudelle Shirek and her niece. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Berkeley historian Richard Schwartz (back row, third from right). (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Leona Martin, president of Friends for the Restoration of SBCC, marks the occasion with Lesley Emmington and Anthony Bruce. Leona’s husband, Gerald Martin, is on the right. (photo: Daniella Thompson)

Bradley Wiedmaier chats with church moderator Jim Alnas-Benson. (photo: Julie Nachtwey)

At the reception: Fred Nachtwey, Ann Wagley, Wendy Markel & Tim Hansen. (photo: Julie Nachtwey)

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