How to use PayPal

Ignore Quantity. It is always fixed, since the BAHA website has no shopping cart.

In the Descriptions field, enter the purpose of the payment (e.g., the name of the event and the number of tickets you wish to purchase, or the title[s] of the book[s] you wish to order).

If you’re paying for a membership, indicate whether it’s new or a renewal. If you’re making a donation, we thank you.

To make a payment, click the Visa/MC or PayPal icon button directly below this line:

After you’ve logged into PayPal, follow the example in the screen images below:

Combine the ticket or book prices and enter the total amount in the Item Price box. If you’re buying a book, add appropriate sales tax and shipping (see bookstore).

Click Update, enter your ZIP code, and click Calculate for the total.

Try it now:

An automatic service charge will be added to each PayPal transaction.
It’s called a shipping charge but is, in fact, intended to cover PayPal’s service charge. Please do not deduct it from the amount you are paying.

PayPal Charge Scale
$0.01–$50.00 6%
$50.01–$150.00 5%
$150.01–$300.00 4.5%
$300.01–$450.00 4%
$450.01 and up 0%