Berkeley Observed

Articles by Susan Cerny & Steven Finacom

Berkeley City Hall, Bakewell & Brown, 1907–09 (photo: Daniella Thompson, 2004)

Bernard Maybeck and Berkeley’s Concrete Grid-Form Wall Panels
3 December 2009

Hunrick Building Links City to Early 20th Century
7 October 2003

Memorial Stadium—Controversial From the Start
2 September 2003

Central Park Creator Left his Mark on Berkeley
22 August 2003

Howard Auto Showroom Boasts Seabiscuit Connection
12 August 2003

Kenney Cottage Serves as Rare Example of Early Prefabricated Architecture
18 July 2003

The Second Church of Christ, Scientist
March 2003

Berkeley High School Illustrates 1930s-style Art Deco
12 October 2002

The Studio Building Has a Long History of Craft and Commerce
5 October 2002

Berkeley’s Campanile Has a Connection to Renaissance Venice
22 September 2002

Churches Remain Important South-of-Campus Institutions
14 September 2002

Berkeley’s Early Growth Was Dependent on Public Transportation
7 September 2002

H.J. Heinz: A Reminder of West Berkeley’s Industrial Heritage
31 August 2002

First Church of Christ, Scientist: Architecture Worth Saving
24 August 2002

Architectural Decoration Was Often Elaborate in the First Decades of the 20th Century
27 July 2002

Pioneer West Berkeley House Takes on a New Life, Wins An Award
15 June 2002

UC Theater: A Rare Example of an Early 20th-Century Movie Theater
18 & 23 May 2002

Municipal Incinerator: One Structure With Many Associations
11 May 2002

Keeler Avenue in Cragmont Tract Was Named for Berkeley Poet, Naturalist and Artist
30 March 2002

John Hinkel Park
16 February 2002

Dance Theories of Isadora Duncan Were Taught in Berkeley for Years
28 January 2002

Fox’s Romantic Retreats Hide Within Busy University Avenue
12 January 2002

Julia Morgan’s Berkeley City Club Serves as an Inspiration
18 December 2001

Pre-1894 Homes Remain in an 1878 Subdivision Near Downtown
8 December 2001

Modest Building Tells a Big Story About City Water
24 November 2001

Where Is the Next Trendy Spot? Follow the Artists.
3 November 2001

Berkeley Bakery Once the Largest in the East Bay
27 October 2001

The Berkeley Tennis Club Is Really in Oakland
20 October 2001

The Brown Shingle Home: A Distinctive Berkeley Feature
7 October 2001

Old City Hall A Symbol of Berkeley’s Essence
15 September 2001

Rose Garden—a Historic Treasure
1 September 2001

Suendermann Plumbing: A Modernized Building Reveals Its 19th-Century Origins
25 August 2001

A Residential Area Made to Escape The City
7 July 2001

West Berkeley’s Hidden Surprises
19 May 2001

Development Boom Began Over 100 Years Ago
28 April 2001

Residences, Businesses Existing Together in West Berkeley
25 March 2001

Founders’ Rock Marks the Beginnings of UC
3 March 2001

Cal Ink: Etched Into the History of the 20th Century
29 February 2001

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