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Photo: Daniella Thompson, 2022

The Thomas Block’s Future Is Dim
18 January 2022

The Intriguing H.J. Goetzman Built Four of Berkeley’s Earliest Shingled Houses
9 December 2020

The Niehaus-Rosano Building Is a Reminder of Ocean View’s Melting-Pot Past
8 January 2020

C. M. Cook, the Mysterious Architect
1 February 2018

Berkeley’s Two Campus Theaters
4 June 2013

Julia Morgan, Architect to Town and Gown
8 November 2012

Spring House Tour Will Explore Picturesque Villas in Arlington Heights
27 April 2011

The Goddards and Julia Morgan: An Occasional Love Story
22 April 2010

Bread and Music Were Staples of West Berkeley Block
3 March 2010

Railroad ‘Lobster’ Controlled State Politics for a Decade
15 February 2010

Ghosts of Old Greeks Populate the Northside
2 February 2010

From Scavengers’ Social Club to Rock Music Mecca
16 January 2010

James L. Barker Was Berkeley’s Booster for Five Decades
10 November 2009

U.C. Offers the American Turgenev’s House for $1
26 October 2009

Lucky Baldwin’s Heiress Once ‘Slummed’ in Berkeley
13 October 2009

Campus Janitor Beats Professors in Popularity Race
28 September 2009

The Circuitous Career of Berkeley’s Favorite Undertaker
14 September 2009

Edward F. Niehaus, West Berkeley Stalwart
31 August 2009

A Yankee Bricklayer’s Creation, Bonita Hall Endures
27 July 2009

The Carpenter, the Baker, and the Classics Professor
20 July 2009

James Pierce, the Consummate Host of Ridge Road
24 May 2009

A Viennese Epicure in Athens of the West
18 May 2009

Maybeck Made La Loma Park His Own Country
28 April 2009

Captain Thomas Offered the City of Berkeley His Land for a Park
12 April 2009

“Soap King” R.P. Thomas Settled in the Berkeley Hills
30 March 2009

French Couple Left Two Monuments on Dwight Way
16 March 2009

When Berkeley’s Home Street Was a Street of Homes
2 March 2009

Berkeley’s City Hall Was Inspired by a Mairie on the Loire
17 February 2009

Berkeleyan Torrey Owned Duchamp’s Most Famous Painting
2 February 2009

Kingman Hall: a Microcosm of 20th-Century Berkeley History
21 January 2009

Thornburg’s Storybook Village Succeeded Kellogg’s Farm
7 January 2009

The House of Three Charlies Conceals Many Stories
20 November 2008

The Inventor, His House, and the Neglected Bequest
11 November 2008

Landmarks Preservation Ordinance: Taking Stock of 34 Years
27 October 2008

Samuel Heywood and Sons: Lumber and Politics
21 October 2008

Will the Real William Heywood Stand Up?
30 September 2008

On the Trail of Zimri Brewer Heywood’s Residence
16 September 2008

Zimri Brewer Heywood: Separating Fact From Myth
2 September 2008

Berkeley Square: From Transport Hub to Urban Core
18 August 2008

The Curious Case of Honora Townsend Bentley
4 August 2008

William McCleave, Civil War Hero, Established a Military Dynasty
21 July 2008

The Shrinking Legacy of Volney D. Moody and His Heirs
10 July 2008

Weltevreden Was Berkeley’s “Premier Residence” 100 Years Ago
23 June 2008

Volney D. Moody, Serial Entrepreneur, Left a Mixed Legacy in Alameda County
16 June 2008

Bohemian Jewish Butchers Dominated Downtown’s Meat Trade
27 May 2008

Schweinfurth’s First Unitarian: A Powerhouse of a Church
11 May 2008

Westenberg House: The Grande Dame of Benvenue Avenue
27 April 2008

Marshall-Lindblom House Was the “Prettiest Home in Berkeley”
15 April 2008

Parsons House: A Pioneering Design for Accessible Living
28 March & 19 April 2008

Allanoke Was a Scene of Hospitality for Five Decades
18 March 2008

Telegraph & Durant: From Ritzy Enclave to Commercial Hub
5 March 2008

William Wharff: Architect, Civil War Vet and Free Mason
19 February 2008

The Rise and Fall of a West Berkeley Knitting Pioneer
6 February 2008

Knitwear Magnate Looked to Europe for Building Inspiration
23 January 2008

Grocer-Politician Fred C. Koerber Left Berkeley a Double Legacy
9 January 2008

Two East Bay Churches Mark Christmas Centennials
26 December 2007

The Bentleys of Le Conte Avenue: 96 Years of Public Service and Art
14 December 2007

North Gables: an Early Exemplar of Equal-Opportunity Housing
27 November 2007

A Tale of Two Mystery Houses and One Politician
13 November 2007

Maybeck’s Boke House: Made by One Crusader for Another
31 October 2007

The Shattuck Hotel: Berkeley’s Once and Future Jewel?
17 October 2007

Bennington Apartments Evoke 19th-Century Euclid Avenue
3 October 2007

Orchids and Industry Thrived Side-by-Side in Berkeley
18 September 2007

Simone Marengo Gave Berkeley Macaroni
4 September 2007

Buyer Sought for Historic West Berkeley Church
3 August 2007

Oscar Maurer Studio Celebrates Its Centennial
22 July 2007

When Southside Apartment Living Was All the Rage
9 July 2007

Immigrants’ Sons Established Local Tanning Industry
26 June 2007

Sea Captains Found in Berkeley an Ideal Home
12 June 2007

The Slater-Irving Connection Was Sealed in Paraffine
28 May 2007

Captain Slater's House Is an Early Classic Colonial
15 May 2007

John Hopkins Spring: Splendor, Strife & Shenanigans
2 May 2007

Mark Daniels Excelled in Developing and Marketing Scenic Beauty
28 April 2007

Villa della Rocca, the Sills’ Thousand Oaks Citadel
11 April 2007

The Evolution of a Downtown Corner
27 March 2007

Guy Hyde Chick: the Man Behind the House
13 & 21 March 2007

Maybeck’s First House Was a Design Laboratory
20 February & 8 March 2007

Builder-Artist A.H. Broad Left His Mark on Berkeley
6 February 2007

Sierra Club Pioneers Lived Near Pre-Stadium Strawberry Canyon
23 January 2007

Architectural Patron Phoebe Apperson Hearst Lived Here
1 January 2007

Charles Manning MacGregor, Indefatigable Builder
30 November 2006

Hillside Club Left a Lasting Mark on Berkeley’s Northside
24 November 2006

This West Berkeley Early Landmark Is a Proud Survivor
2004–17 November 2006

Inspired by Precedent, Part 2
24 October 2006

Inspired by Precedent
4 October 2006

Spring Mansion Was Modeled After Empress’ Island Palace
28 September 2005–19 September 2006

Shipping Magnate’s Mansion Is Rare Survivor on Its Block
28 July 2006–2 September 2006

SBCC: A Grand Building on a Modest Scale
22 August 2006

Harris Allen: The Spirit of Individuality
8 August 2006

The House That Students Built
25 July 2006

Roadside Architecture Worth Preserving
3 July & 10 August 2006

An Enchanting Country House Echoes East Coast Follies
20 June 2006

Maurice Curtis Lent Berkeley Brief Splendor
6 June 2006

Historic Pattiani House Emerges from a 20-Year Restoration
22 May 2006

Peralta Park Grew in the Shade of Giants
16 May 2006

When Walter Ratcliff Was City Architect
1 May 2006

Hawaiian Sugar Magnate’s Family Called Berkeley Home for Seven Decades
17 April 2006

In Berkeley, Seth Babson Gets No Respect
4 April 2006

High-Peaked Colonial Revival, a Bay Area Phenomenon
14 March 2006

Arts & Crafts on the Fire’s Edge
6 February 2006

Berkeley’s Victorian Enclave Recalls City’s Early Days
30 January 2006

Berkeley’s Landmarks Are Everywhere You Look
25 August 2005

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