Panoramic Hill House Tour

Sunday, 1 May 2005, One to Five o’clock

The Tour Houses, I

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

Orchard Lane Steps (Henry Atkins, 1909)

No. 1a: Walter & Elizabeth Steilberg Cottage (Walter T. Steilberg, 1921)

No. 1b: The Ferguson-Steilberg House (Walter T. Steilberg, 1922–23)

No. 1c: Steilberg Playhouse (Walter T. Steilberg, 1920s)

No. 1d: Steilberg Fabricrete Cottage (Walter T. Steilberg, 1930)

No. 2: The Frederic Torrey House (Ernest Coxhead, 1905–06)

No. 3: The Leonore O’Connor Cottage (1908)

No. 4: The George Boke House (Bernard Maybeck, 1901)

No. 5: The Margaret Dean House (A.H. Broad, 1901)

No. 6: The Hilary & Joe Feldman House (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1939–1974)

Tour Houses, II

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