Homes and Gardens in Thousand Oaks

Sunday, 6 May 2007, One to Five o’clock

A photo album: part 5

Photographs by Daniella Thompson

2:41 pm: Lining up at the Alling House

2:44 pm: Jane Adams

2:44 pm: The tour photographer with Janice Thomas

2:01 pm: Keith Miller & Kirk Peterson

2:49 pm: Liz O’Hara & Norman Hooks

2:53 pm: On Vincente Avenue

2:54 pm: Nancy & Robert Judson Clark at Visalia Steps

2:55 pm: The gate to the McDonald House

2:58 pm: Tree-rock symbiosis

2:57 pm: Penelope Kuykendall, Richard Ehrenberger & Amy Chung

3:02 pm: The panamas came in handy on this very sunny day.

3:11 pm: James Cline

Part 6

“Among the Rocks” Tour

Photo Gallery

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